Monday, April 11, 2016


4th graders usually have a pretty good grasp on symmetry in shapes, though we do begin with a quick review.

Symmetry Journal Entry
We talk about what symmetry is, and also explore several shapes to find their lines of symmetry.

We move to finding lines of symmetry within letters. The kids are given a stack of capital letters, and must determine if they have a horizontal line of symmetry, vertical line of symmetry, both horizontal and vertical lines of symmetry, or no line of symmetry. We discuss the way our letters are made, and how if the letter were made differently the line of symmetry could change. For example, the way our B is printed, there is no line of symmetry. If the B had equal "humps" on the top and bottom, there would be a horizontal line of symmetry.
Symmetry of Letters

After this discussion, I challenge the kids to make words using only vertical lines of symmetry, as well as words using only horizontal lines of symmetry. This is quite the challenge! I do allow them to use the letters with no lines of symmetry in their words. Otherwise, horizontal is a tad difficult. ;)