Thursday, April 21, 2016

Insulators vs. Conductors

Our journal sheet for this activity
Using a door hinge as a conductor
Today we explored insulators and conductors. The kids were given a baggy of 7 items - a binder clip, a dime, a penny, a Popsicle stick, an eraser, a pen, and a brad. They were also given the circuit supplies of a battery, wire, and a wire with a light bulb attached.

They were to test the items to determine if they were insulators or conductors. They did this by adding them to their circuits and observing whether or not they light came on. When they finished, they were to go around the room and find other things to test. Here are some pictures of the items they tested.
Using a metal letter as a conductor

Using a metal desk leg as a conductor

Figuring out the eraser is an insulator