Friday, September 23, 2016

Tables and Measurement Conversions

This week we spent lots of time looking at sets of data in a table, and finding the relationship. It's often easy for students to find the pattern and fill in missing information. What can be difficult is trying to use number sentences to describe the pattern. Often our kids are shown a table, then given words that describe it to determine which descriptions are correct and which aren't. We spend time practicing actually plugging in the data to check the description.
This week your child was given a picture of a vehicle. They had to determine how many wheels the vehicle had, then create a table to prove how many of their vehicles were needed to reach 24 wheels. After we finished, we describe the table in many ways, then determined which of our descriptions were correct and which weren't.

Next we discussed how tables could help us with measurement conversions. The students figured out they are a great tool in keeping our conversion work organized!