Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Multiplication Area Model

We finally got to begin 2-digit by 2-digit multiplication this week! I began by reviewing with them the area model we used when multiplying by 1 digit. Then the kids self-discovered (with my prompting and questioning) that they could create an area model for 2x2 multiplication. They referred to it as the "double-decker couch." Ha! The kids are absolutely loving the 2x2 area model!! They love it because it's super easy. I love is because it shows them the place value involved in 2x2 multiplication. They can actually see the process of multiplying the ones and tens of one number by the ones and tens of the second number. When they finally move to vertical multiplication, they'll actually understand why it works! There's nothing better than actually understanding WHY you do something!!!

The area model can actually be formatted to fit more than 2x2 multiplication. We played around with differently-sized numbers and made our matrix box fit those problems as well.

Our class anchor chart
Close-up of the box itself

An example