Thursday, August 30, 2012

Setting Up Math/Science Journals

An example of our math journal a few days in...
Our place value chart is glued on the inside cover of the math journal
Well, on Tuesday we set up our Math and Science journals. We do TONS of work in our journals throughout the year, so it's important they be organized! Table of Contents is a must! I check the journals about every 3 weeks or so to make sure the dates/entries/page numbers are current. I find journals so helpful when the kids get stuck! They can always go back and help themselves by checking their notes. Journal entries are done together, and the rules (neat, complete, etc) are established the first day journaling begins! There is a table of contents in both the math and science journals. I've found that three pages front and back is plenty.

An example of clock buddies before partners are assigned. They just write the names of partners on the lines.
 Also in both journals are four clocks to be used for clock buddies. I got this idea from a workshop presented by Nanci Smith. The idea is that you assign each student three clock buddies based on needs, and the students can pick the other three clock buddies themselves. There are four because the clock buddies are changed every quarter after you reevaluate your data and the students' needs change. I assign the students their 2, 4, and 6 o'clock If I wanted the students with someone specific, I would partner them up by saying, "Please partner-up with your 2 O'Clock buddy." This is a great way to partner up with purpose, without labeling your kiddos the Bluebirds, Redbirds, and Buzzards. Ha ha!